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KT Polymers

KT Plastics molds a wide variety of polymers. Here is a comprehensive list of products we offer with specific properties and data sheets.

Advanced Engineering Thermoplastics:

  • KT-PTFE: The KT Plastics series of PTFE compounds are standard PTFE filled products for service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 500ºF, the KT Plastics PTFE Products  and specialty hot-compression molded compounds for service temperatures up to 650ºF   KT PTFE Products
  • The K-Trex Series Materials: These products are a class of high temperature, semi-crystalline aromatic polymer compounds based on Polyaryl-ether-ether-ketone resin, (PEEK, and PEK). The wholly aromatic structure of the K-Trex products is responsible for the high temperature performance and outstanding mechanical and electrical properties in chemically hostile environments. K-Trex series Products. 
  • The POK series materials are based on heat-stabilized Aliphatic (Olefinic) Polyketone (POK) and are usable over a temperature range of -50°F (-45.5°C) to 300°F (148.8°C) continuous and up to 350°F (176.6°C) intermittently and pressures to 10,000 psi (68.95 Mpa) at 300°F (148.8°C). POK products can undergo hysteresis providing for excellent seal compliancy and rebound. They also offer very low static and dynamic coefficient of friction translating to very low Torque-Away values useful for valve seats. The very low Torque-Away values reduce drag between the seat and ball or plug in a process or control valve. POK Series Products