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Coating & Surface Treatment

KT Plastics’ “I-BOND” Cer-Met coatings are offered through our partnership with AVES Industries. I-BOND is a hard-face, ceramic-metallic coating with excellent wear, chemical, abrasion and erosion resistance. General Description Aves “I BOND”, is a tightly controlled thermal process carried out in a controlled atmospheric furnace where the workpiece is brought into intimate contact with a […]

Mold Fabrication

KT Plastics is a leader in the area of injection molding, fabrication, and manufacturing. We tap into a great deal of experience as we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to fabricate custom parts and products. KT Plastics can fabricate your plastic components based on your concept and make sure that design is optimized for mold […]

Polymer Blending & Fabrication

A polymer blend is a blend of polymers that create a new material that has specific physical properties. At KT Plastics, we have approximately 50 different types of material blends that are used in the fabrication of custom components. We use the material that’s best for your project or the material that you specify. The […]

HTCM (High Temperature Compression Molding)

In 2016, KT Plastics established a new division of high-temperature compression molding called HTCM (high-temperature compression molding). HTCM allows us to produce top-of-the-line materials that push the limits. We can fabricate components that were once thought to be impossible with plastics. What sets HTCM apart from other plastics on the market are high pressure and […]


Extrusion is the process used to create parts that have a cross-sectional profile. The plastic material is pushed through a die so that extremely complex cross-sections can be created. Because cross-sections can be difficult to fabricate, the margin for error is large. However, KT Plastics uses machinery and skill to create these complex and exceptionally […]


Since 1989, KT Plastics has provided superior services to our customers. Our thermoforming services are a part of our excellent lineup of high-tolerance capabilities. We can process thermoforming orders of different sizes, including unconventional sizes. The size of a part can be as large as five feet by eight feet and can be thin-walled over […]

Injection Molding

If you are in need of an injection molding service, we are capable and affordable. At KT Plastics, we have been serving customers since 1989. Since 2014, we have been able to better serve our customers with the implementation of our injection molding service. Injection molding allowed us to expand our offering greatly into high-temperature […]

Compression Molding (Free Sintering)

KT Plastics completes compression molding using the 500 and 200 Ton Hydraulic Compression Presses. With this equipment and our skill, we’re able to compression mold and mass produce PTFE (Teflon®) products. Our technicians are consistently producing a wide range of precision plastic rods and tubes that are sturdy enough to be used in the petrochemical […]

CNC Machining

CNC machining allows for the fast turnaround of custom parts. With an in-house engineering staff and the ability to work with dozens of commercial-grade plastics, KT Plastics can fabricate the part you need within the tightest tolerances. Our high-speed CNC machines enable us to do the following: Fabricate high part quantities Offer competitively priced parts […]