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Paper and Pulp Milling

KT Plastics is a leader in creating custom plastic parts for paper and pulp milling equipment. Many of the custom parts that we manufacture are replacements for metal parts that can corrode and wear out prematurely. Our parts last for the long-term because we use special material blends that can stand up to some of […]


Machine plastics are on the rise in agriculture. The leaps and bounds have been gigantic over the past two decades. The most recent fabrication in the plastic and composite sector have resulted in the use of plastics in processing equipment and agricultural products. For instance, plastic films and sheets are now used to cover crops […]

Waste & Recycling

At KT Plastics, we have state-of-the-art equipment and skills that allow us to manufacture the parts and components needed in the waste and recycling industries. We can offer unique patterns and materials but can also use your patterns and the material of your choice so the project is completed according to your specifications. To make […]

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Surgical tools, orthopedics, tubes, drug delivery devices, and other components are extremely important to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. When custom components are needed, it’s important that they are made from medical grade plastic compounds that help create effective and safe medical devices. At KT Plastics, we will ensure that the finished product is made […]

Food and Beverage

At KT Plastics, we have forged long-standing relationships in the food and beverage industry. This is because we are able to fabricate custom fabrication solutions that help make the industry more profitable. However, the applications within the food and beverage industry don’t stop at plastic lids, straws, trays, and other products used in the actual […]

Water and Treatment

Plastic plays a role in everyday life and in a large number of industries. Of the industries that benefit greatly from the manufacturing of custom plastics is the water and water treatment industry. When delivering potable water and treating it, plastic tubing is one component that is necessary. This tubing can play important roles in […]

Heavy Equipment and Mining

The heavy equipment and mining industries are very demanding. The wear that the equipment and tools go through is extreme, which means there will be times when components must be replaced. KT Plastics can take care of the replacement by custom manufacturing plastic parts that work just as well as their metal counterparts. The difference […]

Aerospace And DOD

KT Plastics ventured into the world of HDPE thermoforming in 1996. This is an involved process that makes highly precise parts. We started thermoforming as a way to create lids for metal dumpsters and other recycling and refuse containers. Our capabilities and craftsmanship led to us being contacted by Raytheon to fabricate parts trays for […]


KT Plastics specializes in the fabrication and plastic machining of equipment used in the semiconductor and electrical component industry. We use a streamlined and effective method of creating plastic components that meet very specific needs. The equipment that we use is used just for plastics fabrication. This is ideal since the equipment eliminates contamination of […]


Many customers turn to KT Plastics to custom manufacture plastic parts for their products or tools. We can move from the thermoforming process or another process to a finished product very quickly. This fast turnaround is very important when you need functionality as quickly as possible. Like many industries, the transportation industry can hemorrhage money […]


Our machining experts pay very close attention to detail and achieve extreme precision, resulting in long-lasting and functional products. The skills of our staff have proven exceptional accuracy and repeatability, resulting in finished products that our customers can rely on. Our 38,000-square foot manufacturing area is equipped with CNC milling capabilities as well as other […]

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces many environmental demands that can be considered extreme. Fortunately, KT Plastics has solutions that can help meet those demands as well as production demands that can’t wait when a machine or tool fails due to a faulty component. Our machining capabilities allow us to fabricate parts and tools that […]