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Water and Treatment

Plastic plays a role in everyday life and in a large number of industries. Of the industries that benefit greatly from the manufacturing of custom plastics is the water and water treatment industry.

When delivering potable water and treating it, plastic tubing is one component that is necessary. This tubing can play important roles in the treatment of water so that it is safe to use for entire communities.

Quality Plastic Tubing

The most common materials used in the fabrication of plastic tubing are vinyl, polycarbonate, and polyethylene. The tubing can be used for chemical applications, which means the plastic must be able to stand up to the chemicals and high temperatures.

The preferred tubing material when delivering water is polyethylene. This is because the interior of the tubing is very smooth. The smoothness reduces friction, which can be present with other types of tubing materials. There can be friction within metal, which is why plastic is preferred. Metal can also corrode when constantly exposed to water, which can contaminate the water supply.

When KT Plastics creates tubing for the delivery of water, we ensure that it is in compliance with NSF international regulations.

Plastics Lead to Compliance

Being compliant with regulations is becoming even more important as those regulations become stricter. With freshwater sources becoming more contaminated than they used to be, stricter regulations can be very daunting. Fortunately, plastic tubing and other components that are free of contaminants and corrosion-resistant lend themselves to reducing the contamination concerns many water treatment plants face.
Plastic components are also easier to deal with when dealing with mineral scale deposits. If a part needs to be replaced, KT Plastics can do it quickly so that you can have the new part in place as soon as possible. We are known for our speed without sacrificing the quality. Our engineers are highly skilled and pay close attention to detail.

We also ensure that every piece we create adheres to the tightest tolerances. When you need a specific shape or measurement, the technology and equipment we use will deliver. We stay uptodate technologically so you know you are getting nothing less than the best.


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Plastics play important roles in the water and water treatment industry. If you need custom manufactured components with a fast turnaround that doesn’t sacrifice quality, KT Plastics can help you. To learn more, call us at 580-434-5655 today.