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Coating & Surface Treatment

PTFE coatings are extremely durable and add a degree of aesthetic appeal to a surface. At KT Plastics, we can apply high-performance coatings that protect the surface of a finished product for the long-term. There are many colors to choose from so that the part can match the machine or the object it fits.

However, we only use the best manufacturing processes since the process can interfere with the adhesion of an applied coating.

Proper Surface Treatment

Preparing the surface is the essential first step before applying a coating. The way the coating adheres to the surface will determine its performance. We take great care in preparing the surface to ensure maximum adhesion that ensures the coating will perform the way it is meant to perform. During the preparation process, we ensure the following is true:

  • The surface is free of contaminants.
  • There is no oil on the surface.
  • The surface is void of any grease or oxides.

The presence of any of these substances can significantly reduce the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. If any of these substances are present, we may need to blast clean the surface so that the right surface specifications are met. Such things as “roughness” must be considered in relation to the coating that is to be applied. For instance, a thin coating may make a shot abrasive suitable. However, a high-build coating may need a very coarse surface in order to adhere correctly.

If the preparation process results in dust and debris, the contaminants must be vacuumed, brushed, or swept away so that adhesion isn’t compromised in any way. Fortunately, KT Plastics has the proper equipment to prepare the surface and ensure it’s clean before coating application.

High-Quality Coatings

The coatings we apply are high-quality and have many color options. If you need a red product, we will ensure that it is red. The coating that is applied must also work well with the application. If the part will be used in a high-heat environment, then it is important that the coating remains intact in high temperatures. The same can be said for very cold temperatures.

Our expert staff is aware of the type of coating needed based on the component’s working environment.

Call KT Plastics Today

At KT plastics, we can use a variety of coatings on the finished components so that they have added durability, a nice finish, and are the right color. If you need custom parts manufactured and coated, we want to know all about it. Call us at 580-434-5655 to tell us about your project.