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The KT PTFE are standard PTFE virgin/Unfilled and filled products for service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 500ºF.

Widely used in many industries because of inertness and chemical resistance, as well as service temperatures from Cryogenic to 500F.


KT-1000: Unfilled PTFE and building block for many PTFE compounds. KT-1000 has the following characteristics: excellent all-round chemical resistance, widest service temperature range of -200 °C to +260 °C, superior dielectric properties, no embrittlement or ageing, very good non-stick properties, dimensional stability and stress cracking resistance.

KT-1000 Unfilled Virgin PTFE Data Sheet
KT-1000M Data Sheet


KT-1025G: 25% fiber glass filled PTFE. Same chemical and thermal resistance as KT-1000 with improved compressive strength and lower CLTE for higher pressures. Excellent back up seal material, the wok horse of the PTFE filled products.

KT-1025 G Data Sheet


KT-2000G: 20% Carbon/Graphite filled PTFE. Excellent ductility, and wear resistance. Used primarily in wear applications in sliding and reciprocating motion. Ideal for Piston and Seal Rings for reciprocating compressors, aggressive environment seal and seats for valves.

KT-2000G Date Sheet


KT-2005MO: 5% MoSO2 filled PTFE for dynamic sealing applications requiring lower wear than graphite filled PTFE. Molybdenum Disulfide imparts better wear performance than unfilled PTFE and exhibits greater deformation resistance.

KT-2015MO Data Sheet


KT-2015MG5MO: 5% MoSO2 for added strength and lubrication, 15% glass fiber added for improved deformation resistance. Can be used in more demanding applications than 25% glass filled PTFE or 5% MoSO2 filled PTFE. Ideal high pressure sealing material up to 500F.

KT-2015MO Data Sheet

The above PTFE compounds are just an example of the many PTFE products KT Plastics can produce in rod and tube from 1.0” diameter up to 12” in diameter, and tubes with OD/ID combinations ranging from 1.75 x 0.5 up to 24x 22 tube sizes as standard. Larger sizes can be made available for special projects.

Other PTFE Compounds and Products:

  • 40% glass filled PTFE
  • 40 to 60% Bronze filled PTFE
  • 10 to 20% Polyimide filled PTFE
  • 25% Carbon filled PTFE
  • PPS filled PTFE
  • Aromatic Polyester (LCP) filled PTFE
  • PEEK filled PTFE
  • 20 to 40% Carbon fiber filled PTFE
  • The Symmtek ALFLON SM series products for service temperatures above 500F.