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Welcome to KT Plastics new website!

Established in January 1989, KT Plastics, Inc. started out as a compression molding plastic business with a full-service machine shop. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), or Teflon®, was the primary material that was used. From the very start, KT Plastics was utilizing industry standard molding techniques to mold PTFE rod and tubing (billets), as well as PTFE blended with bronze, glass, carbon, graphite, nickel, molybdenum, and others that could enable the plastics to work well in certain conditions. Each filler changes the chemical and physical properties of PTFE. The plastics are derived from powder resin form and are pressed in molds so they can be sintered in curing ovens overnight. The end product is a raw material that can be machined into custom parts for countless industries and applications.

Our 38,000-square foot manufacturing area contains a wide variety of equipment that gives us the capability to mold plastics into a wide range of shapes, sizes, and angles.