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FDA injection moulded shapes

KT Plastics is fully equipped and specializes in providing FDA injection moulded shapes.

We specialize in FDA injection moulded shapes with the capability to mold plastics into a wide range of shapes, sizes, and angles.

Some injection molded dimensions and properties can be extreme and their tolerances very tight. We have the right staff, equipment, and materials to make the seemingly impossible possible; our injection molded shapes contain no porosity and stress.

We have been serving end users, machine shops, and distributors with injection molded shapes since 1989.

The FDA injection moulded shapes process involves injecting melted plastic in a molten state into a high temperature mold in one of our high temperature injection molding presses. Once the plastic has cooled, the finished part is ejected and subjected to a specialized annealing process so that it can easily be machined into your specified component or part.

This allows your identical parts to be produced in large volumes.

Our 38,000-square foot manufacturing area contains six large compression molding presses, eight CNC lathes, 2 CNC mills, seven manual turning lathes, three multi-station thermoform ovens, three high-temperature curing ovens, two high-temperature extruders, two high-temperature injection molding presses, large capacity blenders, recycling grinders, and downstream extrusion equipment that allow us to manufacture custom parts for countless industries and applications.

Check out the industries we specialize in for FDA injection moulded shapes and other injection molded shapes, composites, tubes, and stock & complex shapes.

We specialize in the following materials:

You can count on our ISO 9001 certification for your FDA injection moulded shapes, as well as your end products satisfying ASME, CSA, FDA, USDA, FSSC 22000, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001, ISO 26000, ITAE, Made in USA, NSF, and UL certifications that your shop holds. Our billets, pots, composites, tubes, and stock & complex shapes position you for success.

The injection molded quality, and our top tier customer service, create long-term relationships with all our machine shops, fabrication shops, job shops, factories, manufacturing plants, valve manufacturers, and other manufacturing and fabrication customers.

Our injection molded billets, composites, parts, tubes, and stock & complex shapes save time, ensure consistent quality, and rest your supply chain mind when manufacturing and fabricating FDA injection moulded shapes.

  • assemblies
  • bearings
  • components
  • connectors
  • containers
  • conveyor links
  • diagnostics
  • electronics
  • enclosures
  • fittings
  • gears
  • handles
  • hinges
  • housings
  • instrumentation
  • knobs
  • microfluidics
  • modules
  • nozzles
  • OEM
  • parts
  • pipes
  • piston parts
  • plugs
  • products
  • pump parts
  • pumps
  • robot parts
  • rods
  • sockets
  • spools
  • structural parts
  • switch components
  • switches
  • tool parts
  • tubes
  • tubing
  • valves
  • washers

In addition to FDA injection moulded shapes, our injection molded stock and custom complex shapes are used for:

As well as FDA injection moulded shapes, our subsidiaries enable us to grow our capabilities and extend more services to the many clients and industries we proudly serve.

Besides providing FDA injection moulded shapes, we are also a one stop shop for your coating & surface treatment, mold fabrication, polymer blending & fabrication, HTCM (High Temperature Compression Molding), extrusion, thermoforming, compression molding, and CNC machining needs.

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